Privé-Detective in België - Détective Privé en Belgique - Private Investigator in Belgium
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Our Services

We have the chance to exercise the "oldest art" existing:


Before asking...
  • WHERE... is it ?
  • WHO... works there ?
  • WHAT... is being done there ?
  • WHEN... was it opened ?
  • HOW... is it done ?
  • HOW MUCH...does it cost ?
  • WHY... go there ?


The execution of the tasks entrusted to the "Bureau of Documentation, Research and Investigation" is performed in constant and rigorous compliance with a strict code of ethics, and within the limits prescribed by the laws in force.

Being integrated into a global network of investigative companies recognized for their competence, private detectives of B.D.R.I. can provide excellent services and obtain the most accurate up-to-date information within the framework of their mandates, without geographical limits.

While reserving to each mission the strength of the experience gained in the field, B.D.R.I. remains attentive to new types of criminal behaviour and processes, generated in particular by changes in the environment, and adapts its services accordingly.