Privé-Detective in België - Détective Privé en Belgique - Private Investigator in Belgium
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Advantages of B.D.R.I.

The advantages of hiring B.D.R.I. can be summarised in the following :


B.D.R.I. fulfils its assignments with complete professionalism, dedication and diligence.


B.D.R.I. has no geographic limitations, operating on a national and international level, and has no administrative, bureaucratic or other obstacles.


B.D.R.I. invests all its energy and time in accomplishing its missions, allowing the clients to focus on other tasks.


B.D.R.I. carries out its assignments without constraints and is only subject to legal limits imposed by different jurisdictions.


B.D.R.I. is open to all missions and freely decides whether to accept them.
B.D.R.I. refuses any missions that might cause prejudice to previous or current clients, avoiding conflict of interests.


B.D.R.I. closes an assignment once its objectives have been achieved, leaving it to the Client's discretion, if and how to set up an ongoing monitoring of dossiers.


B.D.R.I. has created a large national and international network during forty-four years of professional experience. These contacts include international investigation companies as well as different independent experts in this domain.

B.D.R.I. ensures complete usage of this network for its clients.