Privé-Detective in België - Détective Privé en Belgique - Private Investigator in Belgium
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About B.D.R.I.

B.D.R.I. BDRI is a Belgian company, founded by Mr. Robert “Bob” LOUVIGNY in January 1974. He passed the management of the company on to his old collaborators, who have more than 30 years experience, in October 2017.

The company employs an experienced, polyglote group of managers, fully engaged with the most advanced investigation techniques and a majority with a university degree.

In the present environment, with different existing threats and new ones coming out in crisis situations, it is worth


Either it is about :
  • Study and analysis of the threat
  • Anticipating a crisis
  • Organizing a response to the crisis
  • Crisis management
  • Protecting a project or an event
  • Protecting a company from unfair competition, unscrupulous staff, unreliable collaborators, whimsical CVs, etc.

Intelligence will result in a response the most adapted and appropriate, in choice of methods of protection and intervention, coordination and communication to preserve the operation and a good image of the company.

All our detectives have authorization issued by the Belgian FPS Interior.

Our team of elite collaborators use high performance equipement which ensures necessary logistics support in order to execute their missions with rigorous efficiency and preciseness:

  • Computer tools,
  • Telecommunication tools,
  • Electronic detection tools,
  • Video and digital photography equipement,
  • As well as a pool of vehicles adapted for prolongued surveilance and sensitive observations.

Finally, an exclusive access to a large field of different data bases and a set of relations, both national and international, enable them to obtain a rapid responce and control of information in numerous countries.